Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Should You Scrap Gold?

Now is a great time to turn your unwanted jewelry into money you can use. Notice I said UNWANTED. People who bring a piece that has sentimental value will be disappointed with the amount quoted. The value of your old jewelry is based on the actual precious metal content. For example, 14 karat gold items are 58.5 % gold and the rest is comprised of other metals called alloys. Your value is based only on the actual gold content less refiner's fees. The business that buys your gold will also seek to make a percentage.

So, who do you trust? How do you know you got the best amount for your precious metals? Some people go to several places in the area and get quotes. Some people mail it in to a "Cash for Gold" business and often are given a low ball figure before getting the real figure and just asking for it back.

Since I already know what is fair I did a little investigating to see if there was anyone out there who did it the right way and I found a husband & wife team who were endorsed by a major newspaper (on line). I used their site, plugged in the weights and found that they were, in fact, very fair. I would say that if you wanted to be better educated about what you could get for your unwanted jewelry from the comfort of your own computer screen, visit (Goldfellow.com). If you would like to be treated just as fairly but you prefer not to mail your jewelry away, yep, you guessed it, see me. We are state inspected and in full compliance with all regulations.